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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogger’s Quilt Festival #3

Amy over at Amy’s Creative Side has organized another online quilt festival.  You can click on this button to get to the list of, so far, 475 links.  image Each one will take you to an individual blog, showcasing one quilt and the story behind it from the blogger.  I can spend literally hours at a time reading these posts and drooling over the quilts.  But what usually happens is this:
I click on a link………I read the post………I look at the quilt………Then I start reading everything the blogger has written!  Suffice it to say, it is taking me a while to get through that list!
Here’s the quilt I made for our 13-month-old granddaughter, Georgia:
first completed block
The first completed square --  6”, machine pieced, hand appliquéd and hand embroidered

I made this quilt while my husband and I were living in Honduras.   My sweet daughter-in-law picked out the beautiful red and pink fabrics and gave me free reign as far as the pattern.
 Quilt Top - Copy 
Finished top.
I decided on a very traditional pattern, “Grandmother’s Fan” because my daughter-in-law and son love all things old.  (Guess that’s why they love me!)  I liked how it turned out and loved doing all the hand work on it.
Georgia & Quilt 3
So, now it’s quilted and washed and ready for Georgia…she loves it!  Can you tell? :)

G looking up at Dani Now she’s happy!


Angie Padilla said...

Did you really get through all 475 blogs! I've only made it to #100 (in order) and decided to start from the bottom of the list and work my way up!

Lovely, lovely pink quilt. And that baby is even lovelier!

Jeanne said...

Oh no! Not yet! I just started, but I was referring to the last Blogger's Quilt Festival.

Thanks for your comment!

MARIKA said...

Very beautiful quilt work!
Baby beautiful!!!

Carol said...

Beautiful fan quilt. The photograph with baby is gorgeous.

linda said...

beautiful! the quilt and the baby!

Marie said...

I love pink, it is such a nice and sweet quilt Congratulations

Michelle said...

Beautiful! I love the Grandmother's Fan pattern. The pink and white combination is just lovely. And your granddaughter looks too cute wrapped up in it.

CherrySprinkle said...

The quilt is just beautiful! and your granddaughter is breath taking!

Michele said...

jeanne, what an awesome quilt for georgia! i love the screaming baby picture. that's her personality showing through, and it looks like she's got quite the personality! i wouldn't mess with her, no sir.

SewCalGal said...

Aaah! So very beautiful.


Leslie said...

this is beautiful and that picture of the baby and the quilt is too precious. you are a lucky grandma

Michele said...

Beautiful baby and quilt. They were made for each other in more ways than one!

Eileen said...

lovely, sweet quilt. colors are great. how precious it's called grandmother's fan--i'm sure your granddaughter will be your greatest fan!!

rebecs said...

beautiful quilt! love your fabric choice.

Heather said...

Lovely quilt and a beautiful granddaughter.

creativedawn said...

OMGoodness! Grandmom, YOU and your QUILT are a HIT! Baby says so! Yes, I love your quilt and the colors are just right! Pink...this is one of my favorite designs.
hugz, Pam