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Monday, February 15, 2010

February Happenings

I turned 59 on the 4th.  I haven’t decided whether I’ll move on to 60 next year or just stay in my 50’s for a while.  We’ll see.  I spent the day with baby Georgia and she gave me lots of kisses and hugs for my birthday!  She and I went to dinner with her mommy and daddy (aka David & Maggie) and they sent me some beautiful flowers while I was there.  I didn’t take pictures of the flowers, but here’s a cute picture of G, reading her book.DSC03656

While I was in Hendersonville, Melanie and the kids left surprises at my house!  They made me cards, too, which were very sweet.  Maddy’s said, “I named you ‘Dani’ and I’m glad I did!”  Precious!Maddy Noah Jack Luke my birthday

I went to visit my daddy in Florida last week.  He’s 84 and doing pretty well, considering.  I love him so much and enjoy our time together.  We talked a lot and ate a lot of cheesecake.  It was fun.  Oh, and I really enjoyed visiting with my 2 brothers and sister-in-law.  (I forgot my camera…)

Oh, and it has been snowing a lot in Bowling Green.  I love it!Snow

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