"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 2 with the Munchkins

Yesterday was Jack’s Thanksgiving program and lunch at his school.  He was a turkey…pretty appropriate, I’d say! :)

Turkey Jack

He was so happy to see Luke and me and gave us both lots of hugs and dimpled smiles!

Jack Luke OUS

We spent a lot of time in the car yesterday.  Took Maddy and Noah to school…Jack to school…back home…Luke’s nap…back to Jack’s school for Thanksgiving…picked up big kids from school and then back to Jack’s school to pick him up!  Whew!  Bible class last night and finally home for the night!

When Noah and Maddy got in the car after school, Noah told us that he had a part in the Christmas program and proceeded to rummage through his backpack to find the information.  After reading about his part, he announces excitedly, “I’m a Martian!”  Well, duh!!!  No news there! :)

But it was Lukey-Pants…yes, the angelic littlest Smalling…who took the cake yesterday.  He pulled all the freshly-cut pizza slices down to the floor!  I was standing right there but he’s fast!  (Noah and Jack literally cried like babies…even though Dani salvaged it and we all ate pizza for dinner!

After dinner, Luke followed me to the bathroom as I *brushed my teeth tried to do something with my hair before church.  He didn’t stay in there long before he ran out.  I reached down to get my glasses and found they were gone!  Uh oh!  “Luuuuke…do you have Dani’s glasses?!”  Yep…thank goodness they were in his chubby little hands but not broken or bent!

*Thought for the Day: “Is is actually possible for mothers (or Danies) to find the time to be both hygienic AND punctual at the same time?”  Hmmm…

Maddy continues to be my great helper!  She is growing up so much and I love who I see her becoming as a “young lady”. 

Luke’s asleep, Jack is playing “Mousetrap” and explaining every step in detail as he goes, I’m going to rest with my eyes closed for a few minutes before it’s time to get the boys and myself ready to go to Noah’s school for *his* Thanksgiving lunch!

…a blessed Dani


Melanie said...

Thank you for doing all of this!! I'm actually missing not being there for all of that, even though I'm enjoying the peace and quiet here :)

I'm so happy to hear that Noah is a Martian! They drew names for who got to be martians and who had to be regular students, so I know he was thrilled!

I hope you are surviving lunch at Rich Pond today! I am so grateful for a mama who is not only willing to keep all my kids, but who is doing it ALL!! 3 school lunches in 3 days is pretty heroic! :)

Love you!!

Kate said...

In response to your thought of the day, I'm saying no. We were early to church tonight. I was shocked. Then after class I took Cole to the bathroom and glimpsed myself in the mirror. YIKES! No wonder I was early. I didn't look in the mirror before I left! I asked Cole if I looked rough. He said no. I'm teaching him early how to answer these questions correctly. I also knew that, even though I was burning up, I shouldn't take my coat off while at church so no one could see the pit stains I was sporting on my old, grimy shirt!

Jeanne said...

Melanie, I loved it! I miss the munchkins!!!

Kate, that's hilarious! Well, today I kept Georgia and didn't make it to B.G. in time to change clothes before going to church. I had coffee stains all over my shirt! I taught first graders and just went right on up to my classroom instead of in the auditorium for the devotional. Those little guys didn't even care that I was dirty, hadn't brushed my teeth or combed my hair since early morning. In the end...it really doesn't matter anyway! :)