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Saturday, October 17, 2009

After posting the photos of the Sunbonnet Sue Quilt recently, it got me thinking about the quilts I've made for my own grandchildren.

I made Maddy's (almost 10) quilt before she was born and, since I didn't know that she was going to be baby girl, I decided to do generic yellow and green. Melanie wanted duckies and, since I couldn't find a duck pattern I liked, I decided to cross stitch the squares. The ducky in this photo is upside down, but you get the idea.

Noah (7 1/2) was the first grandson! Unfortunately, I have only scanned one photo of his quilt. (Hand appliqued Fishing Boy as the center motif surrounded with hand appliqued fish.)

Jack's (5 in a few days!) quilt has a story behind it...

Steve and I moved to Honduras to do mission work 4 months before our Jack was born. I thought it would be neat to purchase the fabric AND make his quilt *in* Honduras. Maybe it was just that I didn't know where to look at that time, but I could not find 100% cottons in Honduras! I ended up buying a cheap, poly cotton blend and the only baby blue I could find had these little white flowers on it. I went to all the trouble of cutting tons of 1 1/2 inch squares out of the blue and also a white -- I was going to do an Irish Chain pattern -- and even started sewing blocks together when I decided it was horrible and put it aside.

Sadly, Jack did not get his baby quilt. It was only when we were awaiting the birth of his brother, Luke, the 3rd grandson, that I hustled to get Jack a quilt made before Baby Luke arrived! Since he was no longer a baby, I decided to make a quilt I thought he'd love NOW. He was totally into everything *pirate* at that time and I found a cute fabric in the U.S. while on a visit that I knew he'd love. It's simple. You can see the fabric I used on the back of the quilt. For the front, I just cut out individual images and hand appliqued them onto solid blue blocks. He loves it still!

So, on another trip home from Honduras, I purchased the fabric for Luke's (16 months) quilt. His is "Overall Bill", using several different blues on a white background. The little guys are also hand appliqued (can you tell I LOVE to hand applique???). Here's finishing up the quilting after arriving in the U.S.
And here I am holding the little darling.

...and little Luke at one year with his quilt.Okay, those are all of Melanie's & Jared's kiddos! Whew!

Now for Georgia's (6 months)! She belongs to Maggie & David and her quilt, too, was made in Honduras. Again, fabrics were purchased in the U.S. I adored making this quilt! First, it was the first girly one I had done for a grandchild and we were all so excited to have another girl...especially after losing our precious Ruby about 2 1/2 years earlier. Maggie chose the fabrics (mostly reproduction 20's and 30's) but wanted me to decide on the pattern. Since I knew how much she loved all things old, I chose a traditional "Grandmother's Fan" pattern and used 5 or 6 inch blocks (can't remember which). After hand quilting (all of the 5 were, by the way) it, I embellished across the top of each fan, where each of the pieces met, with embroidered flowers.

Doesn't she look like she's really excited about the quilt her Dani made her?!

Georgia at 3 months, me at...ahem...
Wonder who'll be next?????? Oh Philip.....Sarah.....


Hannah said...

I know I, for one, am ready for you to make a quilt for Pip and Sarah! :)

Jeanne said...

I know, Hannah! Me too!!! :)

By the way, the photo of me working on Luke's quilt...I just realized...was taken in Melanie's hospital room! Dedication? Or procrastination? Hmmm...

Sharon said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my sewing room. I musta been in there when you came. Hafta say I was snoozing on the window seat. First time I've tried that and the warriors on the wall didn't bother me a bit. Good luck with your sewing/bedroom project. Love all your quilts. I too am working on grandchildren quilts.

Melanie said...

Amen to Pip and Sarah being next!

And thank you, Dani, for their special quilts...mine ALL love theirs still and sleep with them almost every night! You forgot to mention all of the "writing" you did on Luke's...I LOVE that!! And I'd forgotten about you finishing it up at the hospital!

I can't wait to see that old project you're working on for me ;) Then you can post pictures of it, too :) LOVE YOU!!