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Friday, December 26, 2008

The White Family's Christmas

When Melanie first got married, I wondered how holidays would change for our family.  Fortunately, Jared's family had their big celebration on Christmas Day, so we were all still able to be together on Christmas Eve.  As the years have passed and the boys, David and Philip, married...we have continued our White Family Christmas Celebration on Christmas Eve.  Each year I wonder if that will change, but so far we have been blessed to all be together the night before Christmas.

About every other year or so since our first grandchild, Madeline, was born we have added an additional baby to the party!  This year it was baby Luke.  Of course, he was only interested in the wrapping paper and cried when Melanie wouldn't let him eat it...but we all enjoyed watching him sit alone and "crawl".  He is a precious, fat little baby!!!

Next year, Lord willing, little Georgia Grace (David's & Maggie's) will be with us.  She should be about 9 months old by then, so that will be fun!  Your Dani is waiting for you, G.G.!!!

This Christmas was the first one since Maddy has been born that the Smalling family didn't spend the night at our house.  Since they have now moved to Bowling Green from Nashville, they were able to go home and begin their new family tradition of having Santa visit the children at their own house.  We missed them, but more than being sad about them not being here, I was really excited for them to have those memories at their home.

Here are a few pictures:


L to R - Jack, Melanie, Maddy, Noah, Jared and Luke

Smalling Family

DAVID & MAGGIE WHITE (and little G.G.)

David & Maggie


Philip & Sarah


Steve & Jeanne


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Carla said...

Looks like you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!