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Saturday, November 22, 2008

In Florida with my Daddy

Just a quick note to update all of you who keep up with my blog. I have really let it slide lately but I've been very busy.

I flew from Honduras to Orlando, FL a week ago to spend 2 weeks with my daddy as he had surgery. He had hip replacement surgery over 20 years ago and had to have all the old stuff removed and new added. He was in surgery 5 hours and it was another 5 hours before we saw him, but he got through the surgery just fine.

He spent almost 4 days at the hospital in Sebring, FL and now is in a rehab hospital in Wauchula, FL, about 20 miles from his house in Avon Park. We were pretty much with him constantly during the first 5 days but now not as much because his rehab takes up about 4 hours a day.

I will be returning to Honduras on Dec. 1 and on the 3rd, many U.S. visitors will be on campus for graduation festivities.

Please pray for my daddy, that he will continue to recuperate and that his 2-3 weeks of rehab will be successful. Pray that he will be able to do more than he has in the past physically and that his state of mind will also improve as his body does.

After Baxter graduation, I hope to do more blogging. I have things to say, just not a lot of time to write.


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Carla said...

Praying for dad, that he may have a speedy recovery. May you have a Blessed Thanksgiving and safe travels back to Honduras. Love you!