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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Noah's Visit

Throughout the summer while I was in the U.S., the 3 older grandkids got their special turns staying with me in Bowling Green.  They each got a short visit and a longer visit (about 4-5 days).

Noah's turn came last and we had a great time together.  Noah is an easy child, especially when there are no siblings to bother him or for him to bother! :)  He's laid back, likes to play superhero, watch t.v., play with play doh and help me cook.

Of course, we had our pancake day, as usual and Noah was glad that we were making them from scratch.  He does not like them from a mix...not nearly as much fun. 

His best superhero feat this visit was when he found the t.v./satellite remote control.  It's kinda pitiful that we were so very happy when he found it...but we were.  I had literally searched 3 or more times in each room for the missing treasure when Noah finally found it lying in the floor next to the Noah's Ark in the "boys' room".  We rejoiced!


Our one big day out was to the toy store, craft store, post office, library and ice cream store.  The toy and craft stores consisted of finding fun things that all the kiddos could do and things that we'd leave at our house in B.G.  He reminded me that Memaw has a lot more toys at her house! :)

I think he went to the library just to please me but didn't seem too excited about that.  However, when we got there, he found a cute little nook where he immediately took a book and started reading out loud.  He had just finished saying, "I'm not a good reader."  Well, that was definitely not true...the boy is a great reader for someone just about to enter 1st grade! 

When I insisted that he help me pick out books, he reluctantly brought me one and laid it down in front of me...it was "The Berenstain Bears and Too Much TV", which I thought was kinda funny.  Was he trying to tell me something??

I made my 3rd trip in a couple of weeks to Chaney's for ice cream ...not good for the diet!  (Oh yeah...I'm not on a diet!! Yikes! I need to be after this summer...) Maddy had mint chocolate chip, Jack had chocolate and, of course, Noah had vanilla.  I say "of course" because that's what his Uncle David would have ordered at that age (maybe still now).

Noah is sooo much like David!  Always has reminded us of him. They especially look alike, but Noah says funny things and does things that bring back memories of David at that age.

Do they look alike or what???

Copy of Maggie and David 100  Copy of Maggie and David 106

I am back in Honduras now with Steve.  I love being here and doing the work we do here.  I love the people who work here, the students, the student wives and children. 

But I treasure the time I was able to spend in Bowling Green and Nashville helping Melanie a little with the kids after the birth of Luke.  I look forward to more visits from the grandkids in the future.  It is one of the great joys of my life!

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Valerie Grissom said...

THose pics of david are great! I have always thought that Noah looks like him now but so much more when he was little.