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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Torn Between Two Countries...

I love my country!  We just had a wonderful 4th of July celebration at our house, with all the kids and grandkids present.  Only Steve was missing...

He's in Honduras...my other country...and I am still here in the U.S.  Before I dropped him off at the airport in Nashville a few weeks ago, he told me that there was nothing I could do right now that was more important than helping our daughter...that she probably needs me more right now than she will ever need me again.

I think that's probably true and I've chosen to stay here at least until the big kids go back to school.

I feel like I NEED to be here...and I definitely WANT to be here, but I do miss Steve and the people in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Our 4th year students have just returned from their 6-month internships and I would love to see them all...especially the children!

But on the other hand, being able to bond with baby Luke the way I have is a gift that I cannot explain in words.  I am grateful for this time...not only to help Melanie and Jared  but also to get to know this precious baby and feel a connection that is only possible because of the time I've spent with him.

So, although I miss my life in Honduras, I will forever be thankful for this time that I was given to spend with our family here.

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