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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jack's Visit (Part II) "The Park & Chocolate Ice Cream"

Today I took Jack to the park to play.  Since it was almost 11 a.m., I took PB&J sandwiches in the car and we ended up eating them before we got to the park!  Jack asked, "Dani, did you make this sandwich with the peanut kind of peanut butter (crunchy)?  I said yes and he said, "I wuv them...you're a good Dani"...

Uncle Philip & Aunt Sarah met us there.  Aunt Sarah played with Jack on the playground equipment and encouraged him to do some things he didn't think he could do. 

After less than an hour, he was so hot that Uncle Pip used his water bottle to cool Jack's head and neck, then asked if he wanted him to pour some of the water over his head.  Well, duh...of course, Jack thought that was a great idea, so Philip poured just a little over his head and then spiked his hair!  He took him over to his car mirror to see the new do and Jack, of course, loved it!  He thought it was so funny!

We left the park and went to Chaney's Dairy Barn (the one on Fairview Ave.) for ice cream.  Jack wanted chocolate on a cone and we sat down inside the store to eat.  Jack really, really wanted to eat the cone but I held him off as long as I could, knowing that if he started eating it too soon, the ice cream wouldn't have anyplace to be...

He couldn't wait until he had all the ice cream eaten, took a bite and, of course, got ice cream in his nose.  I don't guess it bothered him much because he kept doing that.  We went through about 8 napkins...

These two elderly ladies came in for ice cream.  The eldest sat down at the table beside us while her friend ordered their ice cream.  You could just see this lady's eyes light up when she saw Jack.  She talked to him and asked him lots of questions and Jack told her all about his trip to the park and about his Uncle Philip putting water in his hair and spiking it.

He finally finished his chocolate ice cream cone and immediately looked over at his new friend and said, "I winned!  You "woosed" (in his best "nanny, nanny, boo-boo" voice.)  Everything is a competition for him.  Of course it is...he lives with 2 older siblings!  The lady thought it was very funny!

I took him to the restroom to wash the chocolate off his face, hands and out of his nose...and he was laughing, saying, "Dani, I beat da wadies!" 

I told him he should tell the ladies to enjoy their ice cream when we left and also to tell the nice "ice cream girl" (as he called her) thank you for your ice cream.  I had to remind him to say thank you to the employee and then he had a conversation with a male customer about his Batman shirt (Jack's) and then, as we were leaving, he remembered and turned around to the sweet little ladies and said in his biggest boy voice, "Enjoy your ice cream!"


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Midwest Mommy said...

Chocolate ice cream, crunchy peanut butter!!! My kind of day.