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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jack's Visit (Part I) "The Bug Catcher"

As I've said before, I love to keep the grandchildren one at a time at my house! You really get to see what they are like...their personalities shine when you get them by themselves, away from siblings...

It's Jack's turn. Well, actually, it was Jack's turn last week but Noah came instead because Jack wasn't exactly on his best behavior and, after many "second chances", Melanie finally decided he had to stay home.

He has been here since Thursday and I am thinking I will keep him until Monday, so that he can go to VBS at Greenwood Park tomorrow (Sunday). His congregation in Nashville had their VBS recently and the two bigger kids got to go, but Jack wasn't quite old enough. But don't tell him he didn't go because after hearing Maddy and Noah talk about it, he thinks he went, too! :) That reminds me of the time we were all in Florida, staying at my daddy's house, and Melanie and Jared took Maddy to Disney World. Noah was still a little young, but after Maddy brought him back a Pirate's hat, he thought he went, too. I don't know if he realizes yet that he didn't...But I digress...

So, Jack is here and we've had a great time! It's amazing how $2.12 spent to buy 2 toys at the Dollar Tree can make a 3 1/2-year-old so happy. His two toys were a "Minja" Turtle (it WAS some sort of ninja, but a knockoff at best) and a bug catching kit complete with the bug container, little net and tweezers.

The first several hours he played with the "Minja", then yesterday afternoon he decided to go outside to try and catch some bugs. He wasn't successful...He tried and tried to first catch a big butterfly, then a moth, then a cricket. He was so disgusted with his failure that he found what he thought was a dead spider in my kitchen floor and proceeded to try and pick it up with the tweezers to put in his "catcher". I had to explain to him that, #1 he didn't need to mess with spiders, #2 he probably should try for something live and #3 unfortunately, what he thought to be a dead spider was really just a crumb of some sort on his Dani's not-so-clean kitchen floor.

I finally found the boy a slow moth and he was happy for about 2 minutes until the moth flew up to the lid and for some reason he decided he needed to free it.

So, here are some very cute pictures of Jack, the Bug Catcher (or not)

Jack Smiling Jack Looking in Bush Jack Looking Up for Butterfly Jack Waiting for Butterfly

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