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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Funny Noah

DSC00037We arrived in Bowling Green from Honduras very early on Saturday morning. (As Melanie's high school band teacher, Mr. Morrison, used to say, at "O'Dark-Thirty"! 

Jared brought the kiddos to Shirley's (Memaw) house on Saturday afternoon and, since Noah had reminded Melanie several times that it was "his" turn for the special "1 kid at a time visit" at Dani's and Poppi's, we went over to pick him up later that afternoon.

First, let me say that Shirley is wonder-woman when it comes to keeping all three kids at the same time and giving Melanie, in particular, a break.  Since it was going to be a holiday weekend and she had Monday off, she had wanted to keep them all for the weekend. 

Second, it's not that I don't ever keep all three, but since we're out of the country most of the time, we really, really love having "one-on-one" (or I guess I should say, "two-on-one") time with the kids.  They seem to really enjoy this, too, because with 3 active kids in the family (soon to be 4!), it's sometimes always (I got that from Melanie...the strike-through one word and change to another; also, the "putting half my words in parentheses...) lol  I can't remember what I was going to say now...anyway, you get the picture.

Okay, so anyway...to the subject of this post...

Noah is really funny!

Here are some of the memorable conversations we had this weekend:


Noah (with sad look): "Dani, I'm kinda worried about something."

Dani: "Oh, honey, what are you worried about?"

Noah: "Well, I'm not ready to go home yet."

Dani: "Well, you're in luck...it's Saturday and you don't have to go home until Tuesday"

Sad look disappears; Noah goes off to play


Steve: "Noah, do you have a girlfriend?"

Noah (in a matter-of-fact manner): "Yes."

Dani: "Does she like you, too?"

Noah: "Yes."

Dani: "Noah, why do the little girls always like you?"

Noah (without missing a beat, and quite serious): "Because I'm so cute!"


Noah: walks into the kitchen where I was on the computer and says, "Dani, are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

(Let me interject that he asked Melanie the same question out of the blue Saturday before leaving for Bowling Green...she laughed and said, "I doubt it; what are you thinking" to which he replied, "I think that the baby is going to come while I'm at Dani's house.  (Pause) Do I have to come home if he does?")

...back to our conversation...

Dani (laughing hysterically...remembering the story above): "You little funny boy!  I don't know, what are you thinking???"

Noah: "No, you tell me what you are thinking."

Dani: "I'm thinking what a handsome little boy you are!"

Noah: "Me too!"

God love him....I know I sure do!




Kate said...

Too cute! And I love that you got yourself off topic and forgot where you were going with your story... and told us that you forgot! I do that a lot, but I'm too embarrassed to admit that I forgot! Love you!

Melanie said...

You are so funny! And I'm glad you had fun with my Noah...it's a little scary that you WERE thinking what he was thinking! ;)