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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jack's Pirate Quilt

I posted not long ago about needing to make a baby quilt for the new baby boy due around the end of this month. I also mentioned that I first needed to make Jack's, who is 3 1/2!!!

I forgot to take pictures but Melanie did for me and here it is...front and back. I used the pirate fabric for the back and cut out figures from that same fabric and hand appliqued them to blocks on the front.

I'm working on the new baby boy's quilt now. I'm using lots of different blue prints to make 12 squares of "Overall Bill". The back will be solid blue.


Erin Christine said...

you're so talented! hope all is well.

Melanie said...

This one turned out SO cute! I can't wait to see little boy Blue's soon. Don't wear yourself out :)

Maggie Jean White said...

Your so good! This is too cute

Zoe's Mommy said...

Now see... this is exactly why I named my sewing machine after you! You are so so so talented. I wish you were here more often so I could learn all of your great sewing tricks!! Love you!