"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jack, the "interesting" one

Let me preface this by saying none of the pictures below were made this weekend.  I don't know how Melanie ever remembers to take pictures AND take care of 3 young'uns!

After Noah was at our house for 2 nights, Monday afternoon I went over to Shirley's to pick up the other two grandchildren, since Shirley had to go to work Tuesday morning.

Everyone was already tired from having been at grandparents' houses over the weekend, so I didn't expect it to be smooth sailing after all 3 got together.  The boys are extremely competitive and really love to pick on each other.  Maddy, of course, is just the normal first-born, bossy sister, mother-type!


But today I want to focus on Jack.  He is absolutely precious, funny, truly  "interesting", (I'm not just using that word so I don't have to use a negative one...) loving, etc.  But...(you knew there was one coming didn't you?) he can be a "challenge" sometimes.   (In this case, I did use that word instead of a negative one...)  :)

Almost as soon as we got to the house, and while I was trying to fix one of their favorite dinners...chicken fingers and mashed potatoes...Jack sort of had one of his "meltdowns".  He kept ramming a little riding toy into furniture, cabinets, people...I gave him a couple of warnings, actually, and told him if he did it again, he had to sit in the "time-out chair".

He did it again.  Duh!  He's 3 1/2!  I found out just how strong he is!  As he was lying in the floor having a little hissy fit, saying, "No! No! No!", the other 2 were rather enjoying the fact that they weren't the ones getting in trouble.  Maddy was being her little bossy self and trying to get him to get up while Noah was grinning and saying, "He does that all the time."

I pointed away from the kitchen and said, "Go!"  They went...

Well, I just made up my mind I was going to come out the winner in round 1 so, hopefully, there wouldn't be a round 2!  Picking up a strong, solid 3 1/2 year old (who would prefer to eat the dead bug on the floor over by the window rather than sit in that chair) and setting him in the chair...and...keeping him there is no easy feat!  He tried his best to get down but I held him in the chair and during a lull in his saying, "No! No! No!...", I explained that his 3 minutes did not start until he was quiet and staying in the chair. 

Well, miracle of miracles happened and he just "let go".  Sweet as he could be...sat in that chair like a little man without saying a word while I set the timer.  Good boy, Jack!  And congrats to Dani for winning Round 1!

But.....there was a round 2 about 15 minutes later...same issue...ramming the riding toy into everything in site.  The difference in Round 2 was that all I had to say was, "Jack, 3 minutes in the 'time-out chair'".  I led him to it with absolutely no resistance! Jared Noah Jack 2

Awesome!  So, what's the big deal with taking care of 3 kids?  It's a sinch, right? ... Um...no...not really.  We did the time-out chair a couple more times before we took the grandkids home today.  And we had a couple of other little battles about other issues, but...

Besides the fact that we love these kids with all our hearts and enjoy nothing better than having them stay with us and just being around them...following are a couple of reasons that everything I described above is totally worth it!

  • I was lying down with Jack this afternoon for his nap...I don't always do this but I didn't sleep well last night and needed a nap, too!  I was almost asleep when I felt this little hand on my shoulder and it gently made it's way down my arm to my hand...several times...Very sweet plus it felt great.  Then the little hand was on top of my head and gently stroking my face.  After a bit, I opened my eyes and asked, "Jack, why are you being so sweet to Dani?"  He replied, "Because I wuv you..."------scene fades to Dani's heart melting...
  • I don't know this whole story because it happened to Steve and you know...he's a man of few words...But Jack walked up to him and said, "You're a good Poppi!" ...scene fades to Poppi's heart melting...
  • 3) Putting him to bed at night.  He always says, "Dani, sweep wis me"...hard to resist, but I did.  We read, sang and prayed and, with threat of turning off the hall light, he settled in with the big white bear in bed with him...I didn't hear a peep the whole night.  What a good boy!


I don't think he has any idea what's about to happen in his life...he's about to be a big brother.  We're not expecting too terribly much in the way of help from him...we're just really hoping he doesn't try to teach Luke to sword fight anytime soon...

Note to grandmothers and future grandmothers:

You absolutely have no idea how awesome it is to see a child that is in this world partly because of you!  The love I felt the first time i laid eyes on each grandbaby is completely indescribable.  Just wait...if you don't already, you'll understand one day...


Thank you, Lord, for the gift of children and grandchildren!  I pray that I can just be a tiny bit worthy of such wonderful blessings.


Melanie said...

I'm thankful that you love and appreciate the kids like I do! I can't wait to be a Dani someday!!

Lydia's Mom said...

I got up to date on your sweet Grandma posts about Jack and Noah. they are SO funny....and may I add you and Melanie are so much alike in the way you tell your stories! I love it! And of course, I love you all too!
Glad you are home for Mr. Luke's arrival. What a great family he is going to be surrounded by!