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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has not traditionally been a day that Steve and I have celebrated over the years. I remember when we first started dating in the fall of 1974, I looked forward to February 14, 1975 because I had never seemed to have a boyfriend on that holiday, therefore, I had never received candy or flowers for Valentine's. Well, I found out shortly before the date that Steve didn't "do" Valentine's. Now whether it was really because he felt that every day was a "day of love" for us (which is what he said) or he didn't have any money....sure enough...I didn't get a gift that year...or the next year...or the next...etc.

I was disappointed...even though Steve tried to explain to me that he loved me every day of the year and that just because someone put that day on the calendar, it didn't make him love me any differently or any more one day a year. Right....Well, I still wanted flowers and candy.

Over the years, almost 33 to be exact, I have actually received flowers and/or candy (usually a Snicker's) a few times from my "valentine". I never knew when they would come...certainly not every year. And over these almost 33 years, I have come to appreciate the fact that my man does love me every day. I don't need, nor do I really even want, gifts just because it's the day when guys usually give them to their sweethearts. I have known couples who really didn't even like each other but every year, come February 14, he would give her roses and candy and she would always expect them...but didn't appreciate them.

Steve and I really like each other. Every day of the year, I know that he loves me...I can see it in his eyes when he looks at me...even after 33 years and a whole bunch of pounds and a few wrinkles and gray hair (maybe a lot...only my hairdresser knows for sure)...he still loves me.

Steve has loved me through my moodiness, my selfishness and my many "weirdities" if that's a word. He has loved me through the happiest times of our lives and through the saddest. He has loved me when I cooked him 5-course dinners...with dessert and when we had tuna casserole (he says several times a month for the first year of our marriage, but actually that isn't true...) He has loved me through my highest "highs" and through my times of depression. He has loved me as a blonde, a brunette (well...light brown) and a highlighted blonde...now with gray fighting for dominance over the blonde highlights.

He has loved me during our child-raising years when I didn't make nearly enough time for him...for "us"...and now he loves me as we work side-by-side every day in the mission God has given us in Honduras. We have spent more time together and had more fun together since moving here in July 2004 than in all the years previously.

So, to my dear husband and best friend...the love of my life...I say, "Thank you for truly loving me every day of every year." By the way, I'll have to print this or tell Steve to go to this blog to read this post because he also doesn't "do" blogs! :)


Melanie said...

Awww!! I love you both! And I'm pretty sure he outdoes you in the weirdity department :) You are both such blessings to me and such good examples in my life. I sure hope Jared and I can stand to be together as much in 33 years as you two can! I'm so proud of my padres!

ONEDIA said...

Jeanne, You are an articulate and graceful writer and this post is a tribute to you both. You are so beautiful in your photo.


S. said...

What a great tribute to half of a great couple! You guys are such a good example to all of us. I haven't been around you for years and years, but still remember the love that was always in your house. -Sherrill

Kate said...

You are one of my favorite couples! And I agree--you are a blessed lady to have such a sweet husband, but he's awfully blessed too!

Dana said...

Okay, now I'm crying. I love you guys so much and am so happy for you that you have such joy in your marriage. I hope we're as happy after 33 years.

Family of Six + 1 said...

You have such a sweet husband, and he has a wonderful wife. It is so special to know that our husbands still loves us through all of our differnt phases of life.