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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My "Precious Angel" Granddaughter!

Even before she was born, I loved my Madeline Jean Smalling! We didn't know until she was born, that she was a "Maddy" instead of a "Jac". I was blessed enough to be there for all of my grandchildren's births, with Maddy being the first. I was instantly in love with the chubby baby girl with dark hair and "fat eyes"! :) Melanie posted some cute newborn pictures of her recently on her blog --"Ballerina" ... Here they are:

Newborn Maddy

The bow got misplaced during her nap...isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen???

Although I don't love Maddy any more than I do the other grandkids, I guess there's just something extra special about the "first". I started calling her my "Precious Angel" right away and as soon as she could talk, I could ask her, "Maddy, you're Dani's...what?" and she would always say, "Pecious Angel"

It's fun to see her developing into a young lady. She was 8 in December and that's just too hard for me to wrap my brain around. She was 4 1/2 when we left for Honduras. I'm so thankful that we lived close those first few years of her life. I kept her 2 days a week while Melanie was finishing up her degree at WKU and will always be grateful for the opportunity to grow as close as we did.

Maddy is her own unique self...nobody is like her. She has a certain way she likes to do things and it's hard to talk her into anything else! I've said since she was 2 that in "Maddy World", things are supposed to be a certain way and if they aren't, she doesn't always handle it very well. Actually, as she grows and matures, she has learned to handle change in her life pretty well. I'm so proud of my "precious angel" for being such a good big sister and for loving her family so much.

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Carla said...

You have been blessed with wonderful grandkids, with each one holding a special place in your heart. They are so lucky to have a "Dani" like you. I hope that I am blessed one day with grandkids.