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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Visit With Maddy, Noah & Jack

Yesterday I spent part of the day with the grandkids. It's my first trip to Nashville to see them since my surgery. I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms! Lately, I've really been needing a "baby fix". I am really looking forward to June when the new baby is due...I always love that stage when they're very tiny and helpless and they let you hold them for as long as you want without squirming and wanting to get up and play. Well, I've got a little while yet to wait for that, but in the meantime.....thanks Jack!

(Maddy took this picture) Jack fell asleep in my lap. This picture was taken "after" his thumb fell out of his mouth... :)

Maddy likes the up-close, artistic photos...even it does cut off someone's head!! That's okay...she got the most important face...little Happy Jack!

Here is Noah playing with the Candyland game...

and another cute one...his little eyes are still weak looking after being sick this week... :(

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Melanie said...

You'll have to send me pics before you leave! So sorry we gave you the sickness!! Glad you're feeling better...get some rest!