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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Maddy & Her Pink Room

My birthday present to Maddy in December 2006 was to make girlie bedding, pillows and curtains for her room. Well, #1 I didn't finish it until sometime in 2007 and #2, her room just got painted pink in December 2007, so we waited until then to put it all together. I think it turned out very cute!!! Here is Maddy in her new room...I took this picture yesterday when I was there visiting.

...and one more... By the way, Maddy made the 2 little pillows that are in front of the pink "jelly roll" pillow.

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Teresa Kimbel said...

Dani you are such an inspiration to me, to be my age and blogging. (: It was so good to see you in B.G., but I know Steve was so glad to have you back where you belong for such a time as this. I will never be the grandmother that you are in creativity, but I hope to make it up in other ways. Please keep in touch with me. I hope to have an entry at least once a week if not more often. Love you, mucho!