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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Will be Making 2 Quilts...

With the new grandson coming in early June, I realized recently that I need to make another quilt. But then I remembered that I never actually made a quilt for Jack! So...before making a little boy quilt for the new baby, I will first make one for Jack. We had just moved to Honduras when Jack was born. I wanted to make a quilt while in Honduras so that I would have it all ready when I went to the U.S. for his birth, so I purchased fabric in Tegucigalpa and began it. The only problem with that is you just can't find good 100% cotton fabric in Honduras. I finally bought a poly/cotton blend but it just wasn't good quality and I did not like the way the quilt was coming together. I put it aside and always meant to buy fabric on one of my trips home and make the quilt. It never happened.

So, now I've decided that since Jack is 3 years old, I WILL NOT make him a baby quilt! I'm making him a little boy quilt instead! He absolutely LOVES anything pirate right now, so I found some precious pirate fabric that I will use for the back and then I bought enough to cut out cute pirate ships and I will applique them onto squares on the front and then use strips of solid colors found in the main fabric to frame the squares. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I'll be taking the fabric back to Honduras with me and try to finish it soon. Then when I get back this spring, I'll purchase fabric for the new baby!

Wish me luck!!!

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Carla said...

Oh, I would give anything to have the talent of sewing. I am sure that with your determination you will be able to make two special quilts for two special kids.