"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Maddy & Her Pink Room

My birthday present to Maddy in December 2006 was to make girlie bedding, pillows and curtains for her room. Well, #1 I didn't finish it until sometime in 2007 and #2, her room just got painted pink in December 2007, so we waited until then to put it all together. I think it turned out very cute!!! Here is Maddy in her new room...I took this picture yesterday when I was there visiting.

...and one more... By the way, Maddy made the 2 little pillows that are in front of the pink "jelly roll" pillow.

Visit With Maddy, Noah & Jack

Yesterday I spent part of the day with the grandkids. It's my first trip to Nashville to see them since my surgery. I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms! Lately, I've really been needing a "baby fix". I am really looking forward to June when the new baby is due...I always love that stage when they're very tiny and helpless and they let you hold them for as long as you want without squirming and wanting to get up and play. Well, I've got a little while yet to wait for that, but in the meantime.....thanks Jack!

(Maddy took this picture) Jack fell asleep in my lap. This picture was taken "after" his thumb fell out of his mouth... :)

Maddy likes the up-close, artistic photos...even it does cut off someone's head!! That's okay...she got the most important face...little Happy Jack!

Here is Noah playing with the Candyland game...

and another cute one...his little eyes are still weak looking after being sick this week... :(

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Will be Making 2 Quilts...

With the new grandson coming in early June, I realized recently that I need to make another quilt. But then I remembered that I never actually made a quilt for Jack! So...before making a little boy quilt for the new baby, I will first make one for Jack. We had just moved to Honduras when Jack was born. I wanted to make a quilt while in Honduras so that I would have it all ready when I went to the U.S. for his birth, so I purchased fabric in Tegucigalpa and began it. The only problem with that is you just can't find good 100% cotton fabric in Honduras. I finally bought a poly/cotton blend but it just wasn't good quality and I did not like the way the quilt was coming together. I put it aside and always meant to buy fabric on one of my trips home and make the quilt. It never happened.

So, now I've decided that since Jack is 3 years old, I WILL NOT make him a baby quilt! I'm making him a little boy quilt instead! He absolutely LOVES anything pirate right now, so I found some precious pirate fabric that I will use for the back and then I bought enough to cut out cute pirate ships and I will applique them onto squares on the front and then use strips of solid colors found in the main fabric to frame the squares. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I'll be taking the fabric back to Honduras with me and try to finish it soon. Then when I get back this spring, I'll purchase fabric for the new baby!

Wish me luck!!!

Another Grandson!

We found out last week that Melanie is having another boy! I was a little surprised because, for some reason, I just "knew" this baby was a girl. I asked if I would be allowed to dress him in pink and frilly things but I don't think I will. Oh well, that would probably result in countless hours plus lots of money for future therapy sessions, so I think I'll stick with boy stuff. Of course, I'm just kidding about this...I am very excited about having another grandson. I have really enjoyed the two I already have! Noah and Jack have been such blessings in all our lives. Melanie mentioned maybe trying to think of "calm" names. We have "Mad Maddy", "No-No Noah" and "Wacky Jacky" so I'm thinking something like, "Sweet Pete" or "Nice Bryce"... :)

On the "Pro" side of having another boy is:
1) Maddy gets to be the special girl still
2) She will eventually have her own room while at least a couple of the boys will probably always share their room
3) There will be lots of hand-me-downs for this boy (at least Melanie & Jared will see this as a "pro"
4) Two our of the other 3 kids get their wish!

A few weeks ago before we knew the gender of this baby, Maddy told me she really hoped it would be a girl. Since the baby will at some point be sharing Maddy's room for a while, she said, "Dani, I hope this is a girl. If it's a boy, he will not like the pink room!" We assured her that it wouldn't matter to him for a while. Then she said, "Oh well, even boys are cute when they're babies. Noah and Jack are not cute...well, maybe Jack still is, but not Noah!" She wasn't real happy to hear that this baby is a boy, but she got over being mad about it pretty quickly.

Those of us who are adults just want a healthy baby and mommy! After going through losing baby Ruby in 2006, I realize that the gender of this new little baby isn't one bit important. I pray often that he will be a strong, healthy, full-term baby.

Please pray with us for this new little baby who is due the first of June.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Laparascopic is the Way to Go!

I'm sitting at my computer right now writing this...and 48 hours ago, I was in surgery at Vanderbilt. I had a hysterectomy, laparascopically, and have experienced very little pain since then. I'm a little sore but can sit, stand, walk, get up and down by myself with only a little discomfort. Isn't that amazing?? I thank God for this, as well as everyone who prayed for me.

I cannot say enough good things about all the Vanderbilt staff I came in contact with. From my doctor's receptionist to the nurse anesthesists and all the doctors and nurses...they were all so efficient, helpful and just down-right nice! My surgery lasted under 2 hours. I stayed there until about 5:00 p.m. and was released to go home the same day. Amazing... Now, I just have to make myself not overdo because I feel so good. God is good!