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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Heading Home...

Tomorrow...Sunday, December 16...we are headed to Tennessee and then on to Bowling Green! We will get to the airport around midnight (ugh) and will drive our van on to B.G. after that. One of our children, probably David or Maggie, since they have our van, will pick us up at the airport. We won't get to see those precious grandbabies of ours until probably Tuesday...Steve has an appointment on Monday with a doctor to schedule his cataract surgery.

We're tired...Baxter graduation went well but was very emotionally and physically draining...especially this year because our dear brother, Gerardo Flores, passed away in the middle of our graduation week. He has been sick for a long time and this year, particularly, was a bad one during which he suffered a lot of pain. I believe he was ready for some relief and I know that he is in a better place now...but it's still hard for those of us he left behind. We will miss his huge smile and crazy laugh so much. I don't think it's hit me completely yet and probably won't until January when we return to campus and he's not there. Please pray for Gerardo's wife, Sandra, and his other family and friends who miss him so much.

Steve and I, along with Mike and Martha Ellen, spent 3 nights in Roatan, Honduras right after graduation week. It was awesome! We stayed in a very low key type place...cabins without many ammenities (Mike kept saying things like, "You mean you all don't have a flat screen t.v. in your room? Ours is right above our microwave..." He's crazy! :) We did, however, have an incredible view of the clear, blue ocean from our front porch and a very comfy hammock (Martha Ellen really liked that!) Our cabin was a "duplex" so we shared a porch. Our end of the island was almost uninhabited...very quiet and peaceful and the restaurant connected to our "resort" had incredible food. Three different cruise ships docked while we were there, so our restaurant always had great, fresh seafood available and even when it was just us 4 dining, they treated us like special guests!

Unfortunately, I have misplaced our camera so we didn't get to take any photos while there, but hopefully M & M.E. can send us theirs.

I can hardly wait to kiss and hug some little kiddos who live in N'ville!!! I've missed my grandbabies so much during this 2 1/2 months away from them. I know I am very fortunate to get to see them as often as I do because I have friends who live in the U.S. who don't get to see theirs as much as we do. God has blessed us so very much! Maddy turned 8 on Wednesday and I still have a hard time believe that...it seems like yesterday that we were holding her for the first time with that tiny pink bow stuck to her head by the nurses with K-Y Jelly! lol


HAPPY 2008!


ONEDIA said...

have a great holiday

Dana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Gerardo! I look forward to seeing you this week!