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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To Ruby -- Our Glory Grandbaby

It has been over a year (September 5, 2006) since our precious little Ruby Anne left this world for heaven. She was our 4th grandchild, the 4th child of our daughter, Melanie, and our son-in-law, Jared. Sister to Madeline, Noah and Jack. I guess I've been thinking about her a lot lately because we recently learned that Melanie is expecting another baby in June. What indescrible joy babies bring to our lives...especially grandbabies! We are so very excited about this new little one and I can hardly wait for opportunity to hold, rock, kiss and love this new little gift from God. (Actually...I already love him/her...)

But with the excitement of this new life...it is impossible not to remember holding little Ruby in Melanie's hospital room...all 1 pound, 12 inches of her. She was already gone but I rocked her anyway. That's what Dani's do...

Anyway, I was looking for something else in a file on my computer when I found this poem I wrote for her last November. This is such a happy time, looking forward to the birth of a new baby, and I don't want to be sad...but Ruby is never far from my mind. I want to share this very difficult time in my life and at the same time rejoice with all of you about having a new grandbaby!!! So, here's the poem and below it is a link to one post from our daughter's (Melanie) blog about little Ruby, with more details about her.

for Ruby

A baby so tiny we could hardly believe
Came into our lives and taught us to grieve.
For too short a time you lived deep within
The place God decided that you would begin.

Twenty-four weeks was the span of your life
And when you were gone, it cut like a knife.
Our hearts were so heavy; our eyes never dry.
We longed for the sound of one tiny cry.

And then you were here, though we all really knew
You’d already left for heaven, like all angels do.
We held you and rocked you and sang you a tune.
We told you we loved you; that we’d see you soon.

But then the time came; we had to let go.
We said our goodbyes; our souls aching so.
Our hearts knew we’d hold you again one day
But for now, our arms were empty where you once lay.

Now we must wait and try not to feel
The deep, gouging pain that time is said to heal.
So we wait and we pray and oh, so slowly,
Comes the great gift of peace from the One who is holy.

For this same Father’s arms that held us so close
When grief crippled us from our head to our toes,
Now holds our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece
In His loving arms as He rocks her to sleep.

Now each morning new we pray for a while,
Ask God to renew us and then begin to smile.
For whether that day is sunny or blue,
One thing is certain, we think of you,

love forever, Dani
November 4, 2006

Our daughter's blog "Glory Baby"


Kate said...

Beautiful. Love you.

ONEDIA said...

tears and smiles all at once. You are still and always shall be the Jeanne that I love.


Zoe's Mommy said...

Wow. Your words are beautiful. How blessed your family is to have such a wonderful Dani!

Dana said...

What a beautiful tribute! Love and miss you.

Melanie said...

Thank you, sweet mama. It's a joy to this mama's heart to be reminded that others love and remember my daughter. I know that makes sense to you (and maybe only to you!).

Carla said...

What sweet, beautiful words. Congratulations of the news of "baby blueberry". Miss you!

Kelli B said...

A friend wrote a poem for me when Susan died. I have it in a scrap book. It is special, because it helps me know that Susan did exist and I was her mother. What you wrote was right and good.
Kelli B